"invalid user" error when trying to add a member to a private channel

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Dear Team Community Members,

I am using Teams for my personal project and I'm having some issues with adding a member to a private channel. There is no problem adding him to a standard channel, but when I try adding him to a private one, it says invalid user- even though in standard channels the user is valid. Please see the screenshots attached. When I add him, it looks like he's been added, but he does not show up in the private channel members group nor does he get access to the channel. 


Any tips/guidance would be extremely helpful. Please note, this is for a free version of teams for my personal project. There is no problem adding other members to a private channel, it's just his account. 


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Hi @GvantsaTura

Try adding them through the mobile app

This has been a persistent issue for some time. Microsoft are looking into the issue and it has been better of late, but it still happens occasionally for me - that is in a paid tenant.

Let me know how it goes

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Yes it worked!! thank you so much!!!


I also have this error when wanting to add a member of my team to a private group.
nothing works!!