"include system audio" disappeared

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We would like to share a video through Teams. Via how-to's we found out that there should be an option 'include system audio'. We can't find it however. Not when sharing an application, and not in the top bar. Is there some global setting we need to change, or?

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Microsoft changed the view for this. You have to share your desktop first and then share system audio.


Yep, I saw on your blog before I saw your post here! ;) The weird thing is that it doesn't show up unless you first do a video call. The share audio feature was not visible with audio only calls. Only after the first video call, the feature appeared. Really weird, but I guess it's 'solved'. 

well you can't "Share" a screen without video. So that makes sense :p.


The share audio is sharing a video feed audio, not for just sharing audio in general basically. 

@Chris Webb I have tried all of these suggestions and there still is no way to share system audio with a video. No menu appears anywhere (top or bottom of screen) whether I look before or after screen sharing. Any other suggestions? 

i need to add checkbox of system audio in ms team because doesnt appear when i want to share my screen@BenR87 


I have no way of being able to check this box as it is NO WHERE on my teams meeting area...




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@Caz_Kimbrey From what I can see you are using the browser experience, we are not quiet there yet and sharing audio ist only available on the Windows and MacOs (soon) client. Give it a try! :)



I am having the same issue tried paying for the version of teams still doesn’t appear I am on an old mac book pro 2011 Mac OS high Sierra - is there a known issue with that ?
When I use teams there is no "include system audio" toggle in the share tray.
I am using the latest version of Windows on my computer.