"Group policy assignment" tab is missing in some policy types

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I have created several policies in Microsoft Teams. I have assigned them to one of my Groups in order to assign easily to my users.

However, I have found that there are a few policies that don't have the possibility to assign to a group of users because the 'Group policy assigment' tab is missing. 

For example, you can assign it in 'Meeting policy', but you cannot use the same in 'App permision policy'.

I have found the same behaviour in 'App setup policies', 'Caller ID policy' and 'Emergency calling policy'.

I haven't found anything in Microsoft Docs. Is is said that 'You can assign a policy directly to users, either individually or at scale through a batch assignment (if supported for the policy type), or to a group that the users are members of (if supported for the policy type).' But, what are the policy types supported? If you can't use groups, how do you assign these policies in your organizations?


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Hi. At the moment, only certain policies can be assigned to Groups using the Teams Admin Center.  For other Policies, you will need to use PowerShell for now.  You can view further details here -

Thank you very much, @PeterRising

PowerShell is our friend! :smile:


However, I have found that 'Group policy assignment is currently limited to the following policy types: TeamsAppSetupPolicy, TeamsCallingPolicy, TeamsCallParkPolicy, TeamsChannelsPolicy, TeamsComplianceRecordingPolicy, TeamsEducationAssignmentsAppPolicy, TeamsMeetingBroadcastPolicy, TeamsMeetingPolicy, TeamsMessagingPolicy.'



So, there are still several types that you can't assign through group assignment.