"Copy Link" to get URL to a file in teams keep spinning

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I am having issue when I try to "copy Link" to get an URL to a file or folder in teams. It keeps spinning but not generate a link. I am using Windows 11 and latest Teams. I have even reset my pc, clean cache, and reinstallled teams. Still not working


I have no issue with this feature in my win 10 computer with same teams account. So I am sure this issue is associate with my win 11 only. 


Anyone can help






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I have one Power user that's having this issue as well. With her this issue is occurring on a SharePoint site that she is syncing locally. Copy link just spins via Teams or from browsing to the SPO site and trying from there. She can browse to her sync'd folder in her Teams Post via the attach icon and attach the files there but not ideal as the copy link is what we want.

I wasn't able find a resolution to this, but I did find a workaround. If you open the file after saving it to the Teams folder, you can File > Share > Email > Send a Link and use that to generate a new email which has the hyperlink. Really weird that the file can do this in about 5 second but Teams can't figure it out at all.