"Conversation" started in outlook is DIFFERENT from "Conversation" started in app--NOT OBVIOUS

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Trying to set up Teams in hospital environment. Was invited by the new Team's welcoming message  in Outlook to create a "Conversation"...then found did not show up in the Teams app...Then realized "Conversations" created in Outlook are like an email/"newsgroup"-type thread, even though the label and interface to get to these conversations (the bar with labels/buttons "Conversations     Files") is exactly the same as the "Conversations"!


New users should be able to assume that creating a "Conversation" as s/he is invited to do when the team first shows up in Outlook will lead to information everybody in the team will be able to see, even those just using the app! 


Confusion and anger will result when new users send snippets of info in the app sometimes and in Outlook other times, and later realize they can't find all the information in one place or the other.


At the very least, users must be warned of the difference between conversations started in Outlook vs those started in the app. The "conversations" started in Outlook should really be named something else, even if it's something like "Outlook Conversations" (although I doubt that would be the final term :) ).


PS: FYI one of the pilot people I set up with teams didn't understand he needed to install Teams on his [Android] device since it only directed him to his Outlook app--he thought everything was accessible via Outlook. Should be made very clear in invite that Teams app must be used for full functionality, that Outlook only gives access to what is apparently an email- or newsgroup-type messaging....

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You have a good point! Microsoft has now made the Office365 groups not visible in outlook when you create a team from Teams! It’s one step from remediate part of this issue! But if you want to use both the outlook features of 365 groups and MS Teams I guess training of users is crucial! I believe it is either way!