"Call Me" - feature is not working

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"Call Me" - feature is not working 

Hi Folks, whenever a user tries use Call me option during a Teams Meeting, the person is able to dial the number, and phone also rings.

But real problem starts, when user picks the call at dialled number.

The Teams gets stuck calling screen and also call gets disconnected from phone

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@p_065 - We are seeing the exact same issue at the moment.  The only thing that we have noticed, is that the issue for us is only affecting calling in to our Desk Phones / Soft Phones.  If we call our cell phones, it works.  Otherwise, it will sit at the calling screen for about 30 seconds, with dead air on the phone, and then an error pops up saying that it was unable to reach you.


Really hoping someone has ran into this issue and has a solution.

Similar problem for me at my organization, started about 3 weeks ago. It used to work fine before that. The Call Me feature works and I answer, but it does not recognize that I have picked up. Then I have 2 audios going and have to mute the laptop speakers. The Call Me dialog box eventually times out and shows an error, even though I am still on the call.

@p_065 , Wondering if you changed to M365 and had to start using the new license "Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing with dial out to US/CAN". We noticed this stopped after replacing our old license.

The quickest and most effective solution here is to use WebEx calling.   Never had the "call me" feature on WebEx not work.   Microsoft is a pile.  @p_065