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Hi Community, 


One of our customer raised the below query:


Scenario 1


User A – Doesn’t have phone system and calling plan licenses.

User B – E5 license assigned along with Domestic calling plan/Communication Credits.

User B – Set up call forwarding to their home number.


User A calls User B by contact search (Not number dialing) – It’d consider the call as pc to pc all.

User A cannot use number Dialpad as they don’t have calling plan license assigned.


Question : Will be the call forwarded? How does call forwarding charges take an effect?


Scenario 2


User A – E3 user

User B – a user with E3 license  

User C (Meeting room Account) – Meeting Room license assigned (which includes Audio Conferencing license).

User E (external user with a domestic phone number).


User A organizes a Skype meeting and invites User B and User C (meeting room) as resource.

User B joins the meeting from a Polycom device in a meeting room which is configured to use the User C account, by selecting ‘Join the Meeting’ on the device.

During the meeting User B wants to invite an external User E by dialing out a domestic number. The call fails with the ‘This feature is not enabled’.


Question : How can we understand the licensing requirement for Meeting room account that allows inviting external users by phone during the meeting?  


Any pointers would be of great help.


Many thanks in advance. 

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