Question on Teams usage with Mobile Phones

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I just need to verify one thing with Teams - does it use mobile data / WIFI to connect and collaborate?  Also would MS Teams ever impact minutes in a cell plan? I just needed to verify this for potential usage within my team.  Thank you.

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@amshokie74  I'm not an expert, but my understanding & personal experience is that yes, it will use WiFi/internet but not like a phone call uses minutes. Teams works over the internet, not your and minutes....HOWEVER - connecting to the internet will likely use your mobile data (depending on your cell phone plan).  Connecting over the internet is similar to how it works on a PC - PC needs to be connect to the internet to interact with other (live chat/calls/meetings). If you aren't connected to the internet, the App will open, and you will see things like previously 'downloaded' chat history but you won't be able to make a call unless you have your mobile data on allowing it. I recommend staying connected to WiFi to avoid data overages if you don't have a true unlimited plan and need to use a lot of video calling on mobile platform. Hope this helps!