Question about time limit on joining a meeting too early and being placed in the lobby

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We have had a few instances of users (Pt's/Clients) joining a meeting 12/15 mins before their scheduled meeting. They get the prompt, "when the meeting starts, we'll let people know you're waiting in the lobby."

When the Provider joins they are not always prompted that the pt/client is in the virtually lobby to admit. 

We then are needing to call the pt/client and have them leave the meeting and rejoin. Once they do this it alerts the Provider they are in the lobby. 

There seems to be a timeout but what is the length. We ask pt's/clients to join 15mins early to work out an issues they might run into but for those that don't have difficulty it doesn't show they are in the lobby. 

If anyone else has run into this, please share what you have done. Joining meetings has been challenging for most of our pt/clients. 

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Hi, if I’m not mistaken I think the timeout limit for the lobby is 15 minutes. Then you need to rejoin as you’re being dropped. It sure sounds like that is your issue.

@ChristianBergstrom I agree with you and rejoining is easier if it was me. It

s not that easy explaining this to our pt's or clients. It would be nice if Microsoft would let the user know it timed out or have a count down. 



@ChristianBergstrom I did serval tests, and the timeout for the lobby is 30 minutes. In the Teams client you will get notified like this: Sorry, no one responded to your request to join. Please try again. And you have to option to click on rejoin or dismiss.

@Markus Schnoeller Hello, thanks for that! I got the 15 minutes from a MS support page. Perhaps something has changed and this not being updated (wouldn't be the first time).


"If no one admits you to the meeting within 15 minutes, you'll be removed from the lobby. If that happens, you can try joining again."

Confirmed this today with MS Support that it is 30 minutes :)