Putting phone calls on hold in Teams

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Hi, I have not posted on here before so hope I don't do the wrong thing!

Is it possible to answer a phone call in Teams, put that call on hold while you call someone else, (either phone or teams call) finish that call and reconnect to the original call?

e.g. Customer service putting a customer on hold while they call the specialist, get the required info and reconnect to give the customer the info. 

From what I have read it seems possible but the use of the word call for a "phone call" or a "Teams call" makes it a little unclear.


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@Jolyon740 Yes, it is possible to put a call on hold in Teams. 



When a call is on hold you can dial a second call to someone else. I wrote some about it here:

@Linus Cansby  Thank you very much.  That is very helpful!  Just what I needed.

@Linus Cansby 


I've tried to put a call on hold in Teams and I can't find the hold button. Why is this. The call I have going is with 2 other people for a total of 3.




@Zara_L That is a meeting you are in, meetings cannot be placed on hold. But if you get a call, that you answer, or join a second meeting the first meeting will be put on hold automatic. But you cannot do it manually for meetings, only for peer-to-peer calls.