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I am trying to send out a mass invite to a public team to a bunch of members of my organization. I tested this by sending the link to one user, and they said they received a message titled "something didn't work. please try joining the team later." From browsing online, it appears that you cannot add "guests" by sending a link. However, these are all people from my institution.


Do I still need to add them as members before they can access the link? I know I can also send a "code" that they can input themselves, but I want to streamline the process for them where they are able to just click on one single link that will let them join and then access the site from their Outlook email. Any suggestion is appreciated!

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Hi @johngallagher,

To invite members to a public team in Microsoft Teams, you can follow these steps:

1. If you're a team owner, go to the team name in the teams list and click More options > Add member.
2. Start by typing a name, distribution list, security group, or a Microsoft 365 group.
3. You can also add people outside your organization as guests by typing their email addresses.

People that you add to a team will receive an email letting them know they are now a member and the team will appear in their teams list.

However, if you're trying to send a mass invite to a public team to a bunch of members of your organization, when we schedule the meetings in Teams calendar, we can only invite them individually. This means you need to type them in the "Required" field manually.

Alternatively, you can try to create a Channel meeting. In this way, all the members in that team can join that meeting without you inviting them individually. Or if you have the chance to create the Teams meeting from Outlook desktop client, and those members are in any Office 365 group, you can add the group to the "To:" field. In this way, all the members will be invited at once.

(1) Add members to a team in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Support.
(2) Adding Entire Teams to a Meeting Invitation - Microsoft Community.

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Leon Pavesic

Since it is a "public" team, can I just mass email the organization users with the teams link and let them join that way? I would like to avoid having to add each user one at a time, especially because we cycle people every year and it would involve more upkeep than just emailing team link once yearly.

If someone is already a member of the team, they can access the link without difficulty. But if someone is not currently a member, they are notified that "there was a problem joining" when they access the link.