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Morning all.


I have a requirement to have a Public Team with approx 140 Channels so we can run our incidents on these channels. Because we have 1000,s of people who may need to join this is the reason it needs to be Public so people can come and go as needed.


We have a small team responsible for this Team and it's Channels. As I understand it, when someone joins Public Team, they are automatically marked as a member? If that is true then that means (depending what permissions I have given Members) they can create Channels etc in our Team. 

My issue is I do not want anyone able to do that other than my small team of admins. Assuming I have understood how people become Members of a Public Team, is the only option to remove all Member Permissions and my admin team need to be added as Team Owners?


Thanks in advance.


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Removing the member permissions is the way to go about this. All users will have access to all 140 channels if they are public channels.
Good morning Dave,

It all depends on your administration policy and how they want you to have certain permissions added for one another. Your team should be marked as Organization only and private so you are the only one or some other administrator is deemed to invite that certain person to that Team. You can private the channels if needed.

You should also consider removing those who you may not know or invited within the Team to remove the bust of clutter in that Team.

To make someone a Team Owner and remove member permissions from seeing those certain channels you need to go to the Manage Team section and it will provide a list of options to fix your problem.

God bless you and have a wonderful day,

Dr. Van Wove of The Royals International School District
Many thanks Dr Van Wove