Public Channel Visibility issues for users

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I've searched the forums for this issue and only find a few others, with the responding comments not too educational.


The issue here is - no one can see any of the public teams. If a user goes to the teams section, then join or create a team: all they see is the Join a team with a Code option. There isn't the plethora of public teams available to them. This has resulted in me (an admin) having to manually add a lot of users to their respective groups and it's far too time consuming like that. Is there any remedy to this? Thanks so much in advance.

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Nope it’s all graph based and has to be content or people in it that share files or teams for things to start showing up and it’s inconsistent at that.

Your options are publish a list of Teams with codes that you get for each team and have urls that will allow click to join. Or you can publish the names and they just use the search box. Problem is this box still isn’t wildcard search so people have to put the first word in it part of the word of the team for it to show.

Deep linking link to the Team might work these days by right clicking a team and get link and see if that works but it didn’t last time I tried.
Can you see them via mobile?

Also check if scoped search is enabled:

@adam deltinger  Scoped search is enabled. Will get back to you on mobile.

This is probably why then! Try disable scoped search

@adam deltingerThat didn't do anything for us.

Scoped search is for users showing up not Teams. That screen is just buggy and doesn't work well right now and hasn't for awhile. You'll want to look at alternative ways of broadcasting / finding your Teams as mentioned in my post until they redo that screen.

You should be able to use the search box still to find Teams no?
Hmm, I was sure I’ve seen something about this affecting the exposure of Teams too:face_with_rolling_eyes: well well :)

If I understand from the discussion thread, this functionality is known/understood and we can infer that it was designed this way on purpose by Microsoft? Is there any User Voice request to allow administrators to control what shows up there so we can upvote that? 


I really don't understand the purpose behind requiring search or a join code. It defeats the purpose of having org-wide teams available.