PSTN phone call on hold when starting screen share

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Hey guys, I was calling my colleagues's mobile number using the Phone Call in the Call taps.

Then I want to share my screen , so I find this user on the Chat tab, and press the button for screen sharing. 


The Magic thing happen next , teams hold my phone call immediately

When I try to resume the phone call , the screen sharing close.


I understand Chat tap and Call tap like 2 different apps in the Teams.

But in some scenario , simple auido call in the chat was not available. 


Do you have simliar situation ? Any suggestion on Teams? Thanks a lot!


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When you bring up a screen share, it also includes a audio session. I had the same thing happen yesterday, we just both switched audio to Teams and hung up the phone.



I've had a case open with Microsoft on this a while back, and it's expected behavior at the moment. As @Ed Woodrick mentioned, the only solution is to do both a Teams audio and screen share session, otherwise you're essentially starting a new "call" regardless of whether the call is video, audio, or screen sharing, one of existing sessions goes on hold.  I think there was a suggestion on uservoice to support multiple audio sources, you could try voting on that, if they're still watching it.