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If I have a Phone System (+ Direct Routing) license in my Teams profile. Can I transfer calls that come from the PSTN to any user with MS Teams even if I don't have a Phone System license?

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As far as I am aware, you’ll need a licence per article

Call forwarding is a functionality within the phone system licence.

Hope that helps to answer your question

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@Christopher Hoard Thank you very much for your reply.
The problem would be if the receptionist needs to derive the calls (which come from the PSTN), then everyone in the company must have a Phone System.

Hmm, do all the other users in the company use direct routing for calling? Or do they just use the PBX?

By definition, it states that every user who uses direct routing need the licence. Do all the other users user direct routing? Are they enabled to use it?

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@Christopher Hoard We will run a pilot in the company in September 2019. We have 50 users with an Office 365 E3 + Phone System license. Among them there are 5 receptionists. My concern is that they receive an external call and need to forward it to a user who does not have a Phone System (Office 365 E3 license only).
We plan to have 400 users with Phone System. In total in the company we are more than 1,300.

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Hi Benny,

As far as I understand it, the only users who will need the licence - from your explanation, would be the 50 pilot users and then the 400 users as you roll out and phase them into the solution. Am making an assumption here but taking it the other 900 are using mobiles or are on some other phone system. If they are being phased in later on they will need licences later on at that point.

I don’t believe that the recipients of a forwarded call from a direct routing user needs to have phone system if they aren’t using direct routing and using something else (I.e. mobile or on premise pbx)

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From how I think this should work, is that if you have one user who has Phone system license and they get a call and transfer to another user, the other user don't need it. 

If you use AA and CQ, the users who get those calls does not need to have Phone system to answer the calls.

The AA need to have "virtual user - phone system" for the resource users, but the CQ resource user don't need to be licensed with anything because it use the sip address to transfer the call. 

Thank you. This means that if the receptionist passes an external call (PSTN) to a Microsoft Teams Mobile / Desktop version user (without Phone System License) then this user can receive it. Super good!

@bennyplasenciaDid you ever test this as I was going to raise the same question?

We would like 10 external PTSN numbers and 50 people using Teams (These people have mobile phones so no need to make PTSN calls)

@bennyplasencia My understanding is that you can get away with using a Resource Account with a Phone System - Virtual User licence... then have these going to a Call Queue and the users dont need a Phone System licence... or direct to the reciptionist but the reptionist will require a Phone System licence.. I havent tested but believe you can do an Teams Transfer from the PSTN call so other users wouldnt need a Phone System licence. Obviously the people without a Phone System licence wont be able to call out.

Hmmmm - I'm starting to doubt what i said above... give me 30 mins and i'll run a quick test.

@Tarran Walker I can confirm, it works and you don't need a Phone System licence.


I placed a call from my mobile to a user with a Phone System licence and transfered to a user without successfully.

@Tarran Walker 



I have the same issue . I can transfer a call from my teams user to a 10 digits number but it failed whenever i transfer a call to a another team user through the directory , however when i type the teams user 10 digit number it will transfer correctly.....

Any ideas ?




Anyone recently tested this scenario? please let me know whether it is working for you? in my test environment not working as expected.