PSTN Call Drops if you put the call on hold then resume and hit transfer

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PSTN Call received on Teams Client, placed call on-hold , resume, click transfer and the call drops.


No changes anywhere, was working until a client drew my attention. Is anyone experiencing similar issue?

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@naimeshmistry   I'm going to see if  @Satish2805 can help - she knows a lot about this topic.

Hi @naimeshmistry 


Can you please see if disabling the New Meeting Experience you are able to resolve the issue?


A drop-down menu appears. Select Settings. The Settings window appears with the General section selected. Click or tap "Turn on new meeting experience (New meetings and calls will open in separate windows.


Uncheck the New Meeting Experience and check if we are able to use the services smoothly.


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Satish U



Tried disabling New Meeting and experience and unfortunately it hasn't resolved the issue.

I disabled the "New Meeting experience" then did a restart of Teams Desktop client. 


When I hit the transfer MS seems to think I have hanged up as that what I see "Normal Call Clearing"






Interestingly when I accept the incoming PSTN call on CCX500, I am able to put it on hold > resume > then hit transfer and it works.


I think it seems to be the Teams Desktop client.


Note ( I haven't tried Teams Web Client)


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Naimesh Mistry

Hi @naimeshmistry 


This seems to be the issue with the Latest Teams Client which is causing the issue. I have mine customer also facing the same issue. We have reported the same to Microsoft Engineering on the same.

Since we are on the latest version of the Teams Client we don't see any issues on the same. 


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Satish U

@Satish2805 are there any further updates from engineering team.


Following are the workarounds

1. It seems I can Pick up PSTN Calls> Hold>Resume > transfer works if I unplug the headset using Teams Desktop Client.

2. Also above with Teams Web client works with headset


I am using Team certified headsets.


Teams version below




We also experience the same issue within Teams with calls which drops after a second time on hold or transfer.

This is only happening using a headset which is using an USB dongle or USB cable. It does not happen when connecting a headset directly on the Bluetooth of the laptop.

We have tried several brands of headset, but all of them the same issue.


So it has something to do with the Teams client.



Hi @naimeshmistry


Can you please check in case MusicOnHold Capability is enabled on the policies? In case yes please try to disable the same and test the feature. This should fix it.


Let me know outcome post which we can have future insight from Internal Microsoft Team.


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Satish U 

I have had this issue and can reproduce at will. The workaround I have found is to use the web client. While using the web client calls can be placed on hold and then transferred with no issue. Also, this issue has not been seen on the Mac Teams client. It seems to be an issue only affecting.  the Windows desktop client. 

This exact issue was happening for me. I disabled the MusicOnHold capabiity and the issue no longer persists. This is a nice workaround, but at the cost of hold music.

Also note, that when you disable hold music, it takes several hours for the change to take effect.

@Satish2805 , while I appreciate the work around, I do not want to disable MOH on the policies as its very important feature. I will work with previous work around but would appreciate if you could provide an ETA on the Teams Client used by yourself which has no issues.

Hi @naimeshmistry 


Can you please check it seems that the issue is resolved on the Client for the other customer?

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Satish U



Appreciate the workaround. But, is there an actual fix that still leaves MOH enabled. 

Our clients would like to have that feature and not leave their customer on siled when they're on hold. 


Really appreciate prompt response. 


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Hi Chris,


Hope you are doing good!!


One option is remove the music on hold file save the overall the Auto-Attendant or Call Queue and then wait for 5-10mins. After 5-10mins edit the Auto-Attendant or Call Queue and upload the same music on-hold file into the Auto-Attendant or Call Queue. This should fix the issue.


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Satish U

We are experiencing this issue with our auto attendant with the Conference mode switch on, we have tired removing the custom music on hold, the Auto attendant then started to transfer calls through to our call queues and then stopped again, we get the lovely message "sorry we cannot connect your call at the moment" and then it drops the call.


Our SBC provider has reviewed the logs on the failed Auto Attendant transfers and Microsoft are not sending back the SIP invite after it transfers, I assume because they are just dropping the call.


No changes have been made on our Auto attendants or call queues so it must be an upgrade gone wrong :(