Provisioning / decomissioning guest accounts

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HI - We currently use Salesforce(SF) to manage customer accounts/activities.  If we add a customers employee (SF Contact) to an MSTeams site where we are doing deeper collaboration; there does not appear to be a way to make sure its reconciled with an active user record in Salesforce.  For instance if we were working with a customers employee on a wiki and that employee leaves their company we want to be able to turn off access to the MSTeams site;  Has anyone done this?

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First question that comes to my mind is the following: Do you have SSO enabled between Microsoft 365 and Salesforce? With SSO enabled, I'm not sure if the scenario you have here is applicable anymore

@Juan Carlos González Martínmy IT Group says Microsoft does not support third party SSO for guest identity management. Is that true?  They have a SSO App in between salesforce and our other apps that supports OpenId Connect, OAuth2, or SAML.  Is there a tech brief I can point them to that describest how to achieve what I want to do?