Promote a guest user to owner?

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We have a team in Teams with guest users, one of which is requesting to become team owner. Is that possible?

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Guest users will not be allowed to become a Team owner, they are not paying users so can consume but can't own & control
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It's not only a licensing design Teams does not allow you to convert a Guest User in a Team into Owner or Member

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

An additional ? on your convo answer from 2018 - If we have 3 people with a company who have MS Teams and a paid Business Subscription, could we then change a guest to an owner?



@Peter Stilgoe Seems a bit silly - why not leave it to organizations to decide what a guest can and can't do, when they are assigned commercial licenses anyway?


It's particularly aggravating that guests can't create channels, can't be owners and can't even create and maintain contact lists.


This in the context where in the desktop app you can't have 2 different main accounts at the same time like you can in the mobile app (you can only switch between organisations in which you have access).


MS Teams suggestion


@AndreiTD ...and get this:  guests can be made an owner in the free version of Teams ( I also manage a free Team tenant and have done this) - but on our Teams that we are paying for as part of Office 365 we cannot!  Makes no sense!


@Wires001Agreed this is silly, you should be able to make a guest manage a channel without making them part of your organization. They don't need access to sharepoint and so on for example, just managing the chatting to help the actual owner.