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Hi All,

Being new to Teams (but loving what it does) I'm looking at ways to centralise and visulaise our projects/jobs. 

Please see the attached screenshot I took. Does anybody recognise this project Management tool? It's what we are looking for ie a sliding timelime with projects assigned and summary details below. This will then be visable to remote Teams members. It would be great if it had the ability to click on it and see components of it.

Alternatively I'd be looking at getting something built to make this work and would be greatful if I'm pointed in the right direction of Software/Apps/Developers etc to get this done.

TIA for any advice.


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I don't recognise the app in the screenshot but it looks similar to MS Project (which you can add in Teams - but you need a licence).

I'm curious - if you took the screenshot on your laptop, how do you not know what the app is?
Thanks for the response.
I’ll look into Project. The screenshot was aldrin a tech post by another user who didn’t state exactly what the tool was.
This is We use it for a number of project management and service related items, works great! Integration isn't bad.
Thanks for the heads up. I’ll take a look at it