Profile Picture fails to sync in Teams and Sharepoint Online

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Hello Community, bit of a strange one so I hope someone has some ideas. 


We have updated several hundred user's profile photos through the Graph API and have also pushed the same photo to Active Directory (thumbnailPhoto). The photos for users are present on Azure AD, and also visible in 365 Admin Centre. 


We are having issues getting these pictures to also replicate into teams; users with a new photos are still showing the generic profile photo. This is true for both the browser and app versions of teams. Sharepoint Online is also inconsistent in showing the updated photo. We assumed this would refresh over time but 24 hours in most users are still showing new photos present in 365/Azure but not in Teams or SPO. 

Clearing cache in teams was also ineffective, is there another step we're missing here, or can push the changes through?

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