Problems with time tracking i Teams app

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Has anyone experienced a limitation in the number of teams during time tracking in til mobile app Teams? or have an idea to solve the issue :) 


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Hi, please could you explain your issue further?  I'm afraid I don't understand what it is you are trying to do in Teams?

@PeterRising yes of course 


The problem is that we use the funktion "time tracking" in teams. We have 90 different teams, and we would like to track time on all of them. We use the funktion "time tracking" in teams in the app. The problem is when we use time tracking we can only see 25-28 teams, but we have 90. 


So my question is - have anyone experiend the same problem or know if there is a limitede on how many temas we can have in time tracking or shifts? :) 


Hope it make sense :) 



Is this a third-party app in Teams you are using?