Problems with missing files overnight in teams

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We've lost access to all our files stored in Teams having logged in this morning. We can't access the SharePoint back end, and we assume it is related to the issues MS has around ADD last night. All the teams file have gone.   Does the community have the same issue, or who at MS can help investigate this issue affecting the free version of Teams. We are a charity and hence where using this free version to continue working.  Please Please help.

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No problems here, we can access files stored in SharePoint with no issues
Hi, I also had serious issues with Teams and Team free last night. They are now resolved for me. As there's no official support for Teams free I can only suggest that you wait for everything to be fully restored. Perhaps you can quicken that process by signing out manually as all settings get refreshed then.

@VDREW  we have same issue on Free version of MS Teams. All of our users have lost the files they share with each other within a channel.


We can't get your files
We're working on getting them back.

Thanks @harris_abby would be interested to know when or if you get them back? or if you have found another way to access them.

Still having problems this morning - anyone else??
Yep. Looks like another day of lost production!
You too on Teams free? If not reach out to the official support as you’re eligible.
Yes on Team free - so no support - we were looking to subscribe but using it first to see it worked for us - this is not helping to purchase - infact the opposite. Got passed around so many different chat teams yesterday and 0800 numbers everyone of them said they couldn't help were not the right team - my option is here :(
Its so frustrating, i have had to start recreating all my spreadsheet, as i can't wait any longer its going to take me days and days to do this bye bye weekend.
I hear you. They will fix it for you as well, I'm certain as it would be really strange if they didn't.

Mam taki sam problem. Wczoraj rano po zalogowaniu do MS Teams stwierdziłem brak plików Excela, na jakie pracował zespół. Co robić? Czy ktoś rozwiązał problem. U mnie kolejny dzień i nadal jest problem z wyświetleniem plików. Krzysztof


We too are on Free Teams as we only started using it in the last few weeks so we also have NO support for something that appears to have happened at Microsoft. We were impressed by the experience up to this point but we're now changing our view fast.
One can assume Microsoft prioritize the paying customers though. The incident is unfortunate but it is no cost at all which is rather great.
Agreed, but it still doesn't sit well that one of the biggest IT firms in the world can't get us up and running after 36 hours and counting

My team has the same problem.  All the files disappeared overnight and the files menu is not accessible.  I spent the day yesterday obsessing over finding a fix, but no go.  Can't Microsoft even report a problem and let users know the status?  Or let us know what the error messages mean?  


Same problem here. No file access since Friday in any of my channels.



@VDREW lost access to all my folders and files on free teams as well. Have you gotten any update on fix?

No I have no update and still don't have access to my files.

@ThereseSolimeno @Anne Michels Hello! Anything you possibly could look into and give an update here? Issue: People using Teams free still hasn't access to their files since the multiple M365 services outage and are not eligible for the official support. Thank you.