Problems with mailing to a team channel

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We are having problems mailing to channels. This is a feature we have been using heavily but it just stopped working. When we mail to an channel we receive:


Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:
The sender does not have permission to send emails to this channel.
The sender does have persmissions, beceause we have a setting that all mails are allowed.
On a side note, some of the users can not even get the mailadress of a channel anymore, because the menu option disappeared. Are more people experiencing the same problems?
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I justed tested and I still can get the mailadress and can send email to it.

Strange, for us the error stays and as soon as you copy the email adress the option is totally gone for all other channels... As you can see in the screenshot no Get Mail Adress option available:





Sounds like an admin turned off Email Integration under Teams Settings in the Office 365 admin portal.
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I would agree with @Steven Collier. Have a chat with your IT department/admin and see if they disabled that setting.


You can find documentation on this page in the 'Email integration' section:

You are both right! I asked our admins and it was turned off (no one knows how or why).

They turned it back on and now it's working again.

Thank you very much for the quick reply!

FYI, ours was also turned off at the same time. Nobody here turned it off (there are only two global admins: myself and one other person). I turned it back on, but I'm still getting the error:
The sender does not have permission to send emails to this channel

If that is still happening after a day or so, I would recommend opening a support ticket with Microsoft. May take some time to sync out to all the mailboxes that were previously created, but if it persists something may have gone wrong there.

THis is now happening with our tenant. It was working one day and suddenly getting this error:

i am a global admin and the setting is set to allow users to send email.

not sure what else i should check.


Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:
The administrator has restricted permissions to send emails to this channel.<spanstyle='font-size:10.0pt;font-family:"Tahoma",sans-serif;color:black'>

Diagnosticinformation for administrators:

messageId:<>, serverRequestId: CF94145C89FD470C81DF4FA8CA3B2741, clientRequestId: 47AA64FCFBB74A4BABBD7A7B7933E601

This message contains privileged and confidential information. IF IT WAS SENT TO YOU BY MISTAKE, DO NOT READ IT. Instead, please notify the sender (or by reply e-mail, and delete this e-mail. Unauthorized dissemination, forwarding or copying of this e-mail is strictly prohibited

I figure it out.

so it turns out in order to email a team channel, your actual domain has to be listed in the allow senders list.

Ours was not. Once i added it, it started working.

Where is the setting to add a new domain to this list?

i believe it is in the admin center/services and add in/ms teams.

@adam deltinger 

Hi Adam,


One of team members is facing the similar kind of issue. Please find the error message below. Interesting thing was only one specific members is facing the issue. Other team members can easily send the email to the MS Team particular channel. Is there any way to fix it I am office 365 admin. I have checked every possible ways to fix it but the issue is still going on. Even I open a ticket the Microsoft 72 hours ago. Till now I didn't get any positive response from any suggestion will be highly appreciate      


Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:
There was a problem delivering this message to Microsoft Teams.
Try resending the message again later. If the problem continues forward this notification to your email admin for assistance.


Hi - did Microsoft ever address and resolve your issue? I have one specific user faced with this same issue. Others have no problem emailing the Teams channel except this one individual.