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In our small company we start using Teams(free version) a few years ago,  all of us registered in Teams(free version) with company email  ....@ourcompany...  , after we migrate to a Ms365 account all emails and start using Teams(for organization), inside our organization works fine,  but we have a lot of problems with other organization where we belong as (guest).   For a while doesn´t work in PC, but works fine in mobile or web, wew can change organizations, for example via web we can open a browser in private, go to  and sing in with email (because we have two accounts, always shows a select option Personal or School/Organization account... ) we go to personal and keep the external organitazions were invited.   But now no longers works, we start Teams via pc app, mobile app or web browser and works fine inside our organization, but we are not able to change to other organizations (we already have in the past)...  new ones we are added into works fine.


we try changing personal accounts  to a  @outlook.    email but still doesn´t work


also we find that is possible via personal account have access to company account, although it has different 


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Microsoft gave up on supporting this scenario long ago, I'd strongly advise you to rename your "personal" account to avoid similar issues going forward.