Problem with Teams voice

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Hi all,


We are trying out Teams voice to replace our current phone system. We are having an issue with incoming voice calls to our direct user numbers.


We have some voice app numbers from Microsoft and they work without an issue. When we call the auto attendant it works and through the auto attendant we are able to get incoming calls.


Our 'user' phone numbers are also purchased from Microsoft and the users have a dial plan assigned to them. They are able to make outbound calls.


At first our issue was that when calling a user it went straight to the voicemail. Our coexistence was set to islands. I changed out coexistence to Teams only and now when we call a user from external we get a 'Your call could not be completed' message. The tenant and user are both set to Teams only.


We are still able to get the calls when routed through the auto attendant.

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After waiting for a night it started working without making any changes :) Seems like switching to Teams only mode takes a while.