Problem with Teams meeting Add-Ins in Outlook 2016

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In my organization we have a problem with the complement to generate Microsoft Teams meetings in Outlook. The problem is that when using the plugin to generate a meeting, it displays the following message:


"We couldn´t schedule the meeting. Please try again later".


In my organization we use a proxy server to navigate, I have noticed that if I deactivate the proxy the add-in works correctly.
Anyone had this problem?

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Hi @jona_46,

did you configure exceptions for your proxy?

Clients need to be able to access some Office 365 URL's and IP address ranges to work properly.



We found that the outlook teams addin doesn't support proxy authentication. Also reported here:

The addin would work fine on a machine without a proxy turned on.
We had to set a bypass for:

to stop getting http 407's

We had to set a bypass on our proxy for this to work