Problem with Team conversations displaying in incorrect order

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Hi there!


I have been trying out Microsoft Teams and wanted report an issue I keep experiencing. 


Since I have installed Teams messages have not been displaying in the correct order. I will send a message and when the other user replies it will display the reply above the original message I sent. This can cause a lot of confusion in a conversation because it's easy to assume no one has replied to my message since I am so accustomed to look for the reply below my last sent message.


Here is a screenshot of what's happening:






















So, here are the details:

  • I am running macOS Sierra 10.12
  • I have Uninstalled and Re-installed multiple times
  • Tried logging in and logging out multiple times
  • I am the only one on our team experiencing this problem
  • This problem happens in Chat Conversations & Team Channels 


Please let me know if there is any additional information you would like from me or if there is somewhere else I should be posting this issue.




Ian Waites

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My entire team is seeing this issue. We're windows users. Tried uninstalling, logging out, the whole 9. No one sees the issue in skype for business. This is a huge barrier to adoption. help, please!

I had the same issue and just scrolled through each of the settings menu. It is now working. There is no logical explanation, but it worked.

Right click Teams icon on task bar for settings menu
I'm experiencing this issue since today, I guess.
Can you tell me what you've done to solve the problem?
My colleagues do have the same problem that I have. This is in Windows App.

Thanks a million.

@Ian Waites, we just started having this issue about two weeks ago.  I have see no responses to this issue

Yap... it looks this is not that interesting, like, for instance, search videos on YouTube.
We have the same problem in our company.
The error does not happen in the mobile app, but it does in the web app. Although not quite as pronounced as in the desktop app.
We're experiencing this issue also.

@PrashanthHS Thank you!!  This seems to have resolved my problem.

It was driving me crazy having several responses of mine preceded by a later response in the feed.  

Explicit Steps to resolve: 

  1. Click on Teams Profile Image > Choose: Settings
  2. Go through each of the tabs ( good to learn what the settings options are anyway )
  3. May a change or two ( suggest:  uncheck in General > Applicatoin:  'On close, keep Teams running' , good to know this was an option as this always was frustrating that when user closed Teams, it still ran in background.'  
  4. Close Teams, and verify it isn't still running in taskbar hidden icons.
  5. Re-launch Teams ( i pin it to my Task Bar ) 
  6. Verify the chats are all in order ( mine were ).

Hope this helps someone!!

Scott T., Chicago

I thought this worked for me, but it did not, still out of order!!

I've been having this as well. The messages group next to the speaker instead of staying in overall chronological order.


Speaker 1

Message 1

Message 3


Speaker 2

Message 2




Speaker 1

Message 1


Speaker 2

Message 2


Speaker 1

Message 3



It was solved today, by a silent upgrade.
Until now, the only trick would, anytime I sent a message in a chat, move to any other chat e get back. If someone posts something, it would be set in the last position.
Well, now it seems to be working.