Problem with Sharing Screen

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A few teachers and I have been experiencing this annoying problem when we want to share screen with our ipads:


We are using the share screen feature almost every lesson to show students how to solve a Maths problem. However, out of the blue, the share screen did not work. We kept on getting a notification from our ipads about the Control Centre setting, to include the screen recording - which has been on and is still on. So we figured out that if we reinstall the Teams app, this problem can be solved. However, now this problem appears far too many times, and we have to reinstall the app again and again. Sometimes a few times in a day. It is so annoying. We tried to find a more permanent solution for this, because the problem had occurred during online lessons too, which was our major problem.


Did anybody else experience this problem? A long term solution would be very helpful.

Our IT Support doesn't know why it happened and doesn't have any solution.







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