Problem with meeting start and end times in Microsoft Teams

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It's been two days that I have been trying to schedule new meetings for my classes in Microsoft Teams and whenever I am trying to set specific start time and end time for every meeting, the time changes by default to every 30 mins. For instance, when I want to enter manually 09:10 a.m. for start time, it changes into 09:00 a.m. Also, when I try to set the end time 45 mins after start time, it changes automatically to 30 mins after start time. This is a new problem for me. I had never faced that before, until two days ago.


What should I do to fix this problem?

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@gmdoun Hi, same behavior in the desktop app and Teams online? 

Any difference if you sign out manually to refresh settings? (top right corner). Are you using the Outlook client? If so, would you mind verifying the behavior when scheduling a Teams meeting using the Teams Outlook add-in located in the menu bar.

@ChristianBergstrom Yes same behaviour both the app and the browser.

When I use the Outlook add-in, I am allowed to schedule a meeting any date and time I want, but when I try to edit the time schedule via Teams calendar, the behaviour is eaxactly the same as before. I still cannot edit start and end times manually. Might that be a bug or sth?

@gmdoun Hi, first time I've heard of this issue. I thought you would reply saying "all good online" but apparently not :) Perhaps you need to open a support ticket for this. Are you an admin? Otherwise ask IT to assist with that. Let me know how it goes!

@gmdoun I am having the EXACT same issue. It was fine on Friday and today I cannot set a specific time, it reverts to a 30min interval. Outlook lets me, but neither the online nor the desktop application let me.

@MHamble Hi, must be related to a recent service degradation. Try opening a support ticket with Microsoft.


Here is the workaround I found:

Type a "Exact 12-hr format" time


eg, I want to schedule a meeting at 13:33

"1333" or "13:33" doesn't work .  It only accept "13:33 PM"   (a space before PM)


Capture - 2021-02-03 12_27_00-Microsoft Teams.png


@HW_Leung  It worked! I always typed it exact, but without a space between the time and the AM/PM.