Problem with joining a meeting with Microsoft Teams Linux

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I used Microsoft Teams for Linux and I cannot join the meeting with this app. But, join via browser is working. Is it a bug?

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Hi @dtantono115   the only bug report I found about not being able to use the app to join a meeting in Linux is this one: Bug Reports: Top (6796 ideas) – Microsoft Teams UserVoice


Anyone else have any ideas?

Hi, what Teams version are you running?
There seems to be an issue with as reported here:
Downgrading to made joining calls via links possible again in those cases.


Hope that helps!



The problem is I use the snap package and you know that snap emphasise full updated app and downgrading is impossible. What do you think?
sorry, I do not have experience with snap packages, I used the official MS Debian repo.
Would it be an option for you to try any other packages?
I do consider the downgrading as a workaround only, not a solution.

Also, I have reported my issue as a bug here:
Not sure which place is the best to get something like this looked into, but let's see.

I understand and I cannot find that app version download link on MS website. Do you know it?