problem with emoji vs :s :p

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One thing I noticed right away, is something small but certainly inconsistent. When you are typing an emoji using the colon delimiter e.g. :thinking_face: or :+1: it works OK, but when you start to type something like :smile: or :point_up: the :s or :p emote supersedes the action making it so that you cannot finish the syntax.

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Good catch - I don't think there's a workaround for this.


It would make more sense that once you type :s it should display all the emojis it finds and as you add more characters after the :s it will filter accordingly.

There is a workaround. For example, type pol and then go back and type the colon before the p, then type i after the l, and it will autocomplete.

But this sucks. Who do we ask for a fix?

@Johnee Evanofski did any one observe that typing an emoji like :p in quick reply from teams popup doesnt work.. wondering if its just me?

@Johnee Evanofski +1 for emoji search instead of auto replacing.