Problem with background color in (Sharepoint) News tab, all white

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We use the news tab in Teams created in Sharepoint. It has worked fine over the past two years. Last week it has changed background color to white. It doesn't matter which theme I use. It´s the same in my phone app and my colleagues have the same issue.


Our headlines are in white so it disappears and it looks bad.

See picture below. (My theme is Dark)



There is no problem when you click on a news to read it, then it looks fine.




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When no one has any idea how to solve this I will give you some more input.
We create news in our Teams channel by using SharePoint News and it has been very easy to use.
My problem is the background colour in Teams, it has gone from black to white and I don’t understand how to fix it?
I have attached two more pictures to show the difference between my view in SharePoint and Teams.


Sharepoint_News_view_in_Sharepoint.JPG  Sharepoint_News_view_in_Teams.JPG