Problem viewing tasks created in "Tasks by Planner and To Do" app

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I have two Teams users (a manager and an assistant) who have been using the “Task by Planner and To Do” in Teams.  There are two possible places to start Tasks by Planner:  (1) clicking Task by Planner on the left nav bar on the main Teams window (and viewing them inMy Tasks To Do under the Tasks heading) OR (2) opening the Task list from the menu bar when in their private channel.  They have been creating and viewing each other's tasks for the past couple of weeks from both starting points.  . 


That is until last Monday.  Now one of the users can no longer see the tasks in the Task by Planner app when it is started from the left nav bar.  They can still see the tasks when starting Tasks by Planner in the channel.  Nothing was changed before the change happened.  They would prefer to use Tasks by Planner from the left nav bar (rather than having to drill down into the Team's channel).


Has anyone ever seen this and know how we can view the tasks again from the Task by Planner and To Do when started from the left nav bar?  

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