Problem Using Word Templates from Teams

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Good day, all,

I have a template I'd like to use in a Teams group. When someone opens this template out of OneDrive, Word creates a new document using the template. Then, the user must save the template with a different name when exiting.  This works wonderfully and is exactly how I need it to work.  However, when someone opens the template out of Teams, this does not happen. When opening the Template out of Teams, Word does not create a new document.  It just opens the template.  I've restricted editing to filling in the form, so they can't do anything but that.  But, when they exit the template, since Teams did not create a new document, it allows the user to save their filled-in form over the top of the template.  I cannot figure out how to stop this from happening.  I can instruct them to save the template as a new file, but we all know that someone won't.  


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I'm a little confused, you said out of OneDrive and out of Teams, can you please detail where is it exactly working and where is not?

@Andres Gorzelany  it works perfectly if I put it in OneDrive.  It doesn't work if I put it in Teams / SharePoint.  

Try marking it as read only. Then they have to save as something else

@Deb_S1201 Interestingly, I had it work correctly ONCE. But then when I checked out the template to edit, checked back in, I had the same problem as you. It opens the template in template mode and not as a new unsaved document.

You could add it to the drop down menu - will display in Teams and SharePoint

@Deb_S1201 Did this ever get resolved for you?  I'm having the same problem.

@Mmax it did not.  There's no easy way to do this apparently.