Problem Removing Team Members

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Two owners of a Team are having an issue removing one member. 


Each of us have tried to remove the member numerous times over the past several weeks, both on the App and Web versions and we each get a notice that  "We ran into an issue. Please try again later."


We have both changed the other owner to member and back again, as per another recommendation on the forum, but that hasn't worked either. 


The member we are trying to remove is not a channel owner in the Team either. 


We are able to remove other Team members, just not this one. 


Any suggestions?

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Hi there, do you have access to the Teams Admin Center?  Try removing the member from there, or ask a Teams Admin to do so for you.

@JennB6098 Did you find a fix? I am having the same issue.



We had to have a Teams Admin do it for us.