problem-no personal message notifications only

Steve Janke
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I have a client with about 20 users who is unable to receive personal message notifications for their users. For desktop apps it may or may not appear once, shortly, but there after no more. It happens on PC's and Macs. The phone apps work fine.


It started this a week ago wed/thr after an MS update for Excel, if that makes a difference.


I am unable to find a solution.


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There are currently issues with Teams notifications and the Team is supposed to be working on them

thank you very much.  I am new to this forum.  I was going to post in Teams AMA but it said I do not have permissions.  Should I or no?

Better if you open a support ticket!

I did, and they have no answer, odd

Yeah this issue is getting rediculous. No excuses for something like this to be broken so long. It makes Teams look bad.
Hello, just FYI, patch is rolling out with a fix for the issue, check for updates and should be good. If it doesn't hit yet give it a short while to hit your tenant. Yay!