Problem mit Breakout Räumen

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Leider kann ich die Breakout-Raum Funktionalität in Microsoft Teams nicht aktivieren. Es gibt keine Box, um in den Einstellungen die neue Meeting Erfahrung zu aktivieren. Kann mir bitte jemand helfen? Danke!

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Hi, the new meeting experience is now the default setting so the checkbox is no longer available. Are you using a business subscription? It's not available using Teams personal.

@ChristianJBergstrom Thanks a lot for you reply! I have the Office 365 Family edition. So it's not available for that version? My sister has the same one and she can see the breakout rooms ... That's weird.


When signing in with a work, school account or using a Teams free org. account then it's available. But if using Teams for personal use (very limited features) you can't. You can for ex. still use the same email address for Teams personal and Teams free which can be confusing though. Think of Teams as a interface and depending on the account used the features will differ.
Thanks, Christian. That's very confusing, though ;) One last question: How can I change from Teams for personal use to Teams free?
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If you already have Teams free you can use the top right corner setting and just switch from there. But it sounds as you don't have Teams free and then you need to create your own organization.