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Problem with Microsoft Teams. I use Teams for college EAD, but several times it deslog, claiming an error, and I can not reconnect. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it, and it doesn't work. I've missed classes because of that, and I'm always in danger of losing exams, too.


I just open the window, to access the class staff, and it appears that an error has occurred and that I need to connect. I'll have you log in, and back in the same message, then I uninstall and reinstall and it continues the same thing.

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You can always use Teams on the web if you're having issues. If you're using multiple accounts I recommend InPrivate / Incognito windows, or create profiles in the browsers.

As for the problem with the desktop app. Verify your account settings in your Windows settings under Accounts. Disconnect any additional accounts added there so you only use the one for your college.

If the issues continue I suggest you reach out to the IT admin/support of the institution.