Problem inviting a specific external member

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My first post here, so lets see how it goes!


My company are having issues related to inviting a certain O365 account to Teams. This is an external member, and several of her colleagues (from same company) are already a member of this Team. Therefore the problem is only related to this specific member. 
When trying to invite her using her e-mail, Teams automatically suggests one of her colleagues e-mails. Like if they were connected. But when typing any other of her colleagues into "add member" (or any other external e-mail for that matter), the problem does not occur. I have attaced the problem. The same problem occurs for any other Teams in our organization as well. 


At first I thought her e-mail was somehow connected to "" but its not. Does anyone has an idea for what the problem seems to be here?



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Hi @Duvholt

Hmm, try the following

1.) Could be a cache issue: Log out of Teams, clear the cache > log back in and try again
2.) If that doesn't work check Azure AD, remove both addresses (delete and then hard delete to delete them permanently) and then re-invite them. Make sure to make a note of any teams they are in before

This should knock out any kinks.

Let me know how you get on

Best, Chris

Hi @Christopher Hoard!


Thank you so much for your reply. I am going to try both of the steps later today. Will post it later how it works out.


Have a good one.



@Christopher Hoard 


Hm. Noen of the solutions seems to work. Still when typing that one e-mail ( her colleagues e-mail shows up as the only possible alternative. Maybe it is something with the setup at their O365 and not in our organization?



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@Duvholt Hi, I would (as mentioned) delete the guest account/s in your Azure AD, and from the Azure AD recycle bin (wait 24 hours!) and then add the guest account yourself to Azure AD (meaning invite from Azure AD portal) instead of inviting from the Team. When accepted and populated go ahead and send the invite to the guest user from the team/teams to the guest.


If it still shows this odd link between the guest users I would open up a support ticket with Microsoft to have a look at it.