Private Chat Files Tab Not Loading

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In only 1 of my private chats, the files tab never loads.  It spins like it's loading, but never finishes.  I do not have this issue with any other user.


I have tried to stop sharing/remove all the files I can, but nothing has helped.  I have tried to view the tab in the web app, but I get the same result.

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Does the files tab load OK for the other participant in that chat?

@Jackie Jones Do you see the previously shared files in OneDrive Microsoft Teams chat files folder?
try sharing a file again in the chat to check if the new file renders in files tab. 

@Rob EllisSame issue for them.

@Tushar Pathak I do see the previously shared files and have tried multiple times to "un"-share, and even delete, all the shared files and upload new files.  No change.

@Jackie Jones Sorry to hear that. I think its best to reach out to Microsoft support for further investigation.