Private chat - add people


When I try to add a participant to a private chat, i get three options :) 

* Don't let the user see chat history

* choose number of days to see the chat history

* See Everything


Someone tried to choose everything?

I get no history when I test this..


/ Adam

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Hi Adam!


I just tested this and all worked out. I added Morgan and Alex to the conversation and then after that added Reece. Reece could see the whole history in his Teams app and here is the screenshot from the desktop app on his machine: 


teams capture.PNG.jpg


However, this is users within the same tenant. Is the user within the same tenant or are they a guest?


Best, Chris

They are indeed guests! Haven’t read up or used this feature yet but I guess it could relate to the current guest limitations in chat! ( files and org tab )
Ah, there is a Uservoice...

That explains that! I imagine that is specifically for guests. We can raise this with the AMA on Wednesday. Hope you'll be there.
Best, Chris
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It seems it’s not the uservoice for this exact feature!
I get that’s it’s more complicated due to things change when an external user is involved when chat setup is already established
I’ll be at the AMA so I’ll see you there!