Private Channel Member Limitation of 250

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Hello, are there any plans to increase the Private Channel membership number from 250 to something higher? I reached my limit at 250 and need about another 30 people. So likely going to have to get a little creative to adjust users to get the 'right' mix access and leave the others hanging.


Any other workarounds to sneak an extra 30 people in?


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Hi @GUSers-OTP,

when the maximum number of members (250) is reached on teams private channel, the button to add members become disabled(inactive) and there is no option (currently) to change this and add more members to a private channel.

You can give feedback directly through the Teams application by navigating to the Help menu and choosing Give feedback.


You can also give feedback on Microsoft Feedback Portal: Microsoft Teams · Community

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Leon Pavesic

Would be good to have the option for more. We have a staff/student team, and I've currently got private channels for staff & students. At the moment, neither of them is nearing the 250 limit, but as I'm encouraging people to join it, I could see it becoming an issue in the future . I'd rather not have a new team - as the staff/student team is key for what we're doing (most of the time!).