Private Channel available/enabled globally in TAC - Nothing in client. Wait for Ignite?

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The question to which everyone is seeking the answer, I know.  Didn't see anything upon searching so here goes...

Recently in the TAC I found under 'Teams || Teams Policies || Global' there is an option to enable private channels.  (See SS Below).  It's part of the so-called 'global' policy so you'd logically think everyone would get it.  However, there's nothing that I see in any of my clients to indicate that functionality.  What is also strange is that when you look at the Policy assignments it says '400' default, but we have >2000 licensed users.  Huh?  Not to mention that it's enabled by default and no one has said anything to me (yet...).


My thought is ''Just wait until the trumpets about it are sounded from Orlando next month...' but it's 'partially' there and was wondering if I could find it in PS, create a custom policy, with it enabled and then assign it to myself. 


have seen them in action at MS On-Site meetings so they're not a myth, BTW.    Anyone?




















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Anyone that can talk about them is covered by NDA, so they cannot talk about them :D Wait for Ignite indeed.

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I can tell you, this option is for you to prepare for when they release. Nothing more. Gives you the option to disable / enable them ahead of time.

They are not actually released yet so you will need to wait. They haven't said ignite, but latest word via Message center I wanted to say was end of Oct. or Early November, so around Ignite. But this doesn't mean it can't be pushed back again, so it's kind of wait and see at this point. It's pending, but there are other things pending for months lately. So it's kind of one of those things, set your option and just pay attention to the blog pages on here, or twitter verse.
Thx Chris. Largely expecting pretty much what you said, but 'enabled by default' was yet another "let's open the barn door before we let the horse out" thing, leading to the oft-cited cliche. I'll just disable it for now, create custom policies and then sensibly control and publicize the rollout across my org. (It'll help me look like the guy who 'gave' my users this great and in-demand feature! LOL!)
Yeah, myself and others feel the same about default on. Should be off until the admins know how it works and the users are ready for it.