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I have a job interview that will be at a Teams video meeting. My current workplace is using Teams as well (for chat and sharing files) and I have noticed there are some shared files and other things. How do I make sure that the current workplace will not see any of my activity on Teams that is not related to it? Sorry if this is very basic stuff, I am a bit of a technophobe and never used Teams or anything else from that category...
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Hi @Eve6_,


You only share what you want, if your call is just audio and video and you do not share anything on your screen no one on that call will see the content of any application that you have on your computer.


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I think they mean they joined a meeting with their teams and the history is showing up in their chat etc. This is part of compliance and unfortunately you cannot remove this and it could be searched on your mailbox if someone was that suspicious. You should join the Teams meeting from the URL and use the join anonymously via "Web browser" option if you don't want anything to go through your Work Teams session you are logged into. You could also sign out of Teams and then join the meeting and or sign in with a personal account ahead of the call as well.