Preventing attendees from starting meeting before organiser

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Is there a way to prevent invited attendees from starting the Teams meeting before the organiser starts the meeting? My students are able to start the meeting early without me being there but I'd like to be the only person who can start the meeting that I scheduled with them. 


Thanks in advance. 

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@MDPtusd   Yeah, then it could be settings that your IT dept. has to manage.  We have had to work with our IT to get several of the global settings changed...just in time for us to go back to full school and NOT be using Teams for meetings anymore.  LOL.


Have a great school year!  (in spite of Teams limitations!)

@Steve880 Oh, after all the work I put into...I'm going to use this all year!   (also because I'm not trying to touch anyone's papers this year)


Thanks, good luck to you guys too!

@Steve880I checked my permissions, and they are indeed set as you have described, but my students are still able to start the meeting without me. I have it set to send them to the lobby, but I would prefer it if they did not start the meeting.   Do you have any suggestions as to what other settings I might check? 

Step by step video on how to prevent students from starting meetings in Microsoft Teams.

@PositiveEnergy This is not the issue.  I already have my lobby set up like that.  I (and I think several others) are talking about the fact that students can start meetings and sit in the lobby for hours.  Most of the time when I join a meeting I have a similar message to the one attached. For those who are not educators and can't figure out why this is a problem, students are very good at getting around doing things they should be doing.  If they start all of their meetings in the morning, they can walk away from their computer and be "in" class without actually attending.  I know this is happening because sometimes, I end the meeting and restart it myself and not all of them come back.  I've also left meetings going after class time and have "students" sitting there well into their next class.  I know there is a setting at the district level but clearly our district doesn't feel it is important enough to change.

As an Admin you cannot end the meeting someone accidentally left a day ago. You have to ask them to end it. And they do not know which meeting.

and it is 2021 and nothing changedso far...... :(@Linus Cansby 

@burrowsa Things in Teams have gotten much better since last year. I have a good friend who was sent to "teacher jail" with pay for a month because students stayed in the class meeting after he left and one of them shared inappropriate content. The option to end the meeting for all users was not available at that time. 

It's almost 2023, has this been fixed yet? At my work, people get a 15 min reminder about a meeting, start the meeting, then leave when they see no one is there. Then someone else sees the notification that the meeting started, joins, sees no one is there and leaves, ad infinitum.
I don't want to prevent people typing in the chat, or make people go to a lobby.
I just need a check box when setting up the meeting that says "Only the meeting organiser can start the meeting".

You can for over a year now. Just adjust the meeting settings after you have created the meeting.

@PaterDomus Could you be more specific re: "adjust your settings"? It's 2024 now, and I still do not have anything in my "meeting options" that prevents attendees from starting a meeting before the host. They can be sent to the lobby, but that is NOT the same as preventing them from starting the meeting. It will still start the meeting, and it will notify other attendees that it started, which causes confusion. This is what DavidKempfner explained. I do not see any setting that specifically prevents anyone but the organizer from starting it, as you can do on Zoom.

For example, when a Zoom meeting is set so that only the host can start it, if an attendee tries to enter, they will get a message saying it hasn't started yet. If a lobby/waiting room is enabled, they will ONLY be admitted into it after the host opens the meeting. Then the host can let them in from the waiting room after that. No one else would know they tried to enter early, so it does not confuse. This needs to be an option on Teams, and from what I can find, it still is not.

I was indeed referring to the options to manage who waits in the lobby.