Prevent users from deleting chat in private chat

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As a admin, I would like to prevent users from deleting messages in their private Chat (not in Teams channel). I'd like to prevent users from deleting their own chat messages sent for tracking/verification purposes. 


What I have done so far

In Teams Admin Center, I turned off the following:

- Owners can delete sent messages

- Delete sent messages

- Delete chat

- Edit sent messages


It seems that settings were not yet reflected or is this only for Teams chat channels?

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The portal settings do not affect personal chats, and there is no direct way to prevent deleting/editing messages therein. You can however use features such as retention policies to ensure that a copy of the message will be preserved immutably, or "communication compliance" to monitor conversations.
After few hours I checked back and it looks like the settings I modified in Teams Admin are now reflected. Users can no longer delete their sent messages either in Teams channel or private chat. Exactly what I was looking for.

Hopefully, they would also include a feature to see edit history in chat.
Interesting, I always thought those only apply to channel messages. Good to know, and glad you solved your issue.
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