Prevent Teams Windows App Installation

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I have a population of users that share computers and I only want them to be able to use the web based version of teams.  It seems that Windows allows the installation of the Teams Windows App even though the users are not administrators on their machines. It doesn’t seem as though there is a setting to prevent installation of the windows app. Is there a another technical solution to prevent users from installing the windows app?

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Agree with Adam, you should be able to do this with GPO and App Locker

Thank you for the quick response.  We'll try this.

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Neither of these solutions appear to work as Teams is now installed as a web application in AppData folder for each user. It doesn't use the Windows installer so blocking that has no effect.


We do want our staff to be able to use Teams but we don't want the program installed on our terminal servers.


How do we block the Teams web install program?

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Do you have any solution for this?

the last post on the thread describes the situation where this solution does not work.

there is also another post here:

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