Prevent students eliminating their own submissions

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I am a teacher, using Teams.  Students upload assignments to Teams, and are allowed to re-submit a corrected version after feedback.  However, if the second version has the same filename as the first, the first is deleted.  I do not want this to happen.  Also, students seem to be able to delete their first submission before (or after) uploading the second version.  I do not want this to be possible either.  How can I configure Teams Assignments so that both versions will always be available?  Thanks!


Edit - which I had thought of.  Obviously, I could simply tell students I won't accept any corrections if the original file is missing, but it would be better if it was impossible.

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Hi @DavidPhillips1961 

Because the storage for the files on Teams is actually SharePoint, I recommend to take a look at this in case you could found solution from here:

View the version history of an item or file in a list or library 


@Petri X Thanks - I had a look, but couldn't see anything obvious.  But then again, I've never used Sharepoint, and have no idea how it works!