Prevent notifications to security email of 933 calls.

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933 calling offers a great way for an end user to test the learn if the 911 emergency calling is setup properly for themselves.  However, having configured the Emergency Policies in the Teams Admin Console to send an email notification to our Security Team (as required by Kari's Law) the Security team is notified of the 933 calls as well. Worse, the emails from the 933 calls are identical to the 911 - they cannot tell the difference and are forced to respond by following up.  Is there a way to configure the 933 to NOT send the email notification? 


Note, we are using the MS Calling Plans (NOT direct routing). 



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Am guessing it is here where you have set 933 as one of the Emergency numbers?  If so, could you just create a custom Emergency calling policy, assign the 933 number to that one, and send these notifications to a different group?  Then again, I'm not sure why you will need the 933 number in any policy after completing initial testing?


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Thanks for the suggestion.  However, 933 is automatically included as an Emergency Number.  It is actually implemented nationwide (although not on all mobile carriers) for testing purposes by the PSAPs.  

Ah right, I was not aware of that. Not a number I'm familiar with. In that case, I don't see there is an option for you to alter this behaviour right now.