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We are starting with teams and have also our AD linked to Azure. A few people have Office 365 but the most people have now free teams for the time being. We let people who are member of a security group in AD make Teams in Microsoft Teams but we would like to prevent that owners can invite guests.


When a owner invite guests they are added to Azure but when a owner removes the guest from a Team the guest stays in Azure. This is for us not duable. However when we prevent people from making Teams that is also not desirable so the question i have is:


Is it possible to prevent owners from inviting guests and let all go thru our ICT department which controles Azure?

There is an option for example in Azure:

members and owners in the role of guestinvitations can...


members can send invitations




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The role mentioned is one of the options to govern how Guests can be added to a Team

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

It's a role in Azure but we do not use roles at the moment. We have admins in Azure and members. Isn't there a setting where we can prevent owners and members of teams to invite guests to teams?


Hi @Surfer10 


Yes you have an option wherein you can disable the Guest Invitation from the Office 365 Admin Portal > Teams Admin Center and Guest Access. This is only possible in case you are using the Paid Version of Microsoft Teams not the Free version of Microsoft Teams


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We use the free version for 1 year but i see the option though. It looks like this option is to prevent users from adding geusts to Office 365 groups?